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Part-Time Facilitator

A Facilitator is responsible for the supervision and care of (up to) 20 children, which comprise of a group or club. A Facilitator is a leader, who commits to teach by modeling and demonstrates characteristics that participants can learn from. It is essential that candidates applying for this position enjoy being around middle school aged children, respects them as people, and seeks to include them in fun, learning activities. In most cases, Facilitators have an Assistant, which they supervise and provide guidance to on the day-to-day activities.

 In addition, Facilitators are expected to develop classroom and behavioral management skills, implement professionally developed literacy-based curriculum, and develop relationships with children and their families. Lastly, they help design, plan and lead the implementation of special projects in and out of the program.

A Facilitator is expected to be punctual, responsible, have a positive attitude and provide encouragement to children. They are to plan, teach, supervise, and organize games. A Facilitator assists in activities or tasks necessary to ensure an orderly operation of the program: supervising children during supper, ensuring equipment is properly signed out and that all equipment is properly cleaned and returned. They attend regular staff meetings, training and work cooperatively with other staff members in the program and within the organization.

Required Skills/Experience:

•High school diploma or Associate's Degree

•Field of study in Education or Social Work

•At least one year experience working with children, tutoring, or teaching is highly preferred

•Available for flexible scheduling

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Youth Internship - Part Time

The Youth Internship position provides educational opportunities for youth as part of the Youth Employment initiative to work at Akea’s Heart gain business and operational experiences which transfer to work skills for their future employment. Duties and responsibilities vary based on assignment and needs of the department or project.

Essential Functions

·        Demonstrates behaviors and actions consistent with Akea’s Heart Inc. values, code of conduct and other policies and procedures.

·        Performs duties and responsibilities as outlined for the task or projects assigned

·        Participates in trainings, workshops and application of skills necessary to perform assigned duties and responsibilities.

·        Communicates with identified internship supervisor reporting on progress, making recommendations, preparing reports, etc.

·        Obtains feedback from internship supervisor to enhance skill development.


Must be minimum 16 years of age.

·        Must be in good standing with school grades and present report card.

·        Ability to comply with all rules, guidelines, and professional conduct set forth by your supervisor and by the organization.

·        Basic computer skills and social media knowledge.

·        Good verbal and written communication skills.

·        Commitment to fulfill scheduled hours to accomplish assigned duties and tasks.

·        Willingness to learn and ask questions to enhance the development process.

If interested please forward your resume to