The purpose of Akea’s Heart is to enhance services offered by local facilities, and provide a culture of accountability while offering a high level of support to staff and youth.

Life Skills

Many youth are not taught the essential skills needed to take care of themselves, because of the conditions in which some are living they learn how to survive by adapting to their surroundings instead of being taught skills that they can apply to everyday life.

Relationship Building:

It takes hard work building relationships when you are the only person that you have trusted your whole life. Learning to let your guard down and become receptive to other people takes practice and patients.

Parenting Skills

Many of our youth grew up without parents, and even when a parent is present they may not be teaching their children what it takes for them to grow into productive citizens and be able to parent their own children.

Goal Planning

Identifying goals are one of the first ways to become successful. Learning ways to help achieve goals can be instrumental when talking to youth.


Creating a safe space for youth to talk.


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