Charm School Program

The girl or woman who manages to present herself with confidence and poise in her everyday life will be seen as a person who matters, not only to herself, but to others. The charm school of Akea’s Heart will equip girls and young women with the social graces and self-presentation skills that will enable them to feel confident in all of the situations in which they find themselves. This six week program was created for girls ages 9-16 to help launch poised, polished, and polite ladies into a successful pattern for life.

The following topics are covered during the six week program

o    First Impressions and Image

o    Greetings and Introductions

o    Importance of Good Attitude and Positive Body Language

o    Carriage and Posture: How to Exude Royal Poise and Confidence

o    Techniques for a Graceful Walk; and How to Sit and Stand like a Lady

o    How to Make an Entrance and Mingle at Social Events

o    How to Cultivate a Pleasant-Sounding Voice

o    Conversation and Communication Skills

o    How to Write a Proper Thank-You Note

o    Personal Style, Grooming, and Dressing Appropriately

o    Tea and Dining Etiquette

o    Host and Guest Protocol

Our youth “SLAY”

S- Smart on purpose

L- Lead by example

A-     Achieve with a passion

Y- Youth with a vision

At the completion of the program youth will host a brunch for parents and or caregivers to practice what they have learned.